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International Peace Missions is a non-profit, non-governmental peace movement working on a global scale and touching a variety of issues in the fields of faith, law, human rights, civil liberties, ethnic and economic justice. International Peace Missions seeks to promote peace and reconciliation in regions and countries impacted by war, genocide, religious and ethnic intolerance, famine, and poverty.

International Peace Missions is organized into regional sections (Balkans, Mexico and Central America, Asia, Africa, North America), with local affiliations or activities in over 11 countries and 5 continents. The work is accomplished through sponsoring, organizing and supporting international missions to highly impacted regions and countries.

Peace Missions partners with various organizations to provide technical expertise, regional experience, or other items of assistance and cooperation. We are currently cooperating with Free Wheelchair Mission and other organizations to facilitate medical and humanitarian needs in a number of regions.


International Red Cross

United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights


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